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    Airtel And Jio To Launch Embedded SIM(ESIM) For Upcoming Phones And IPhone XS & XR

    eSIM – The Future SIM Card Technology

    Apple launched their three new iPhone on 12th of Sep 2018, these three variants are iPhone XS, iPhone XR & iPhone XS Max. Along with this apple also revealed its Apple watch series 4, all these four products supports dual SIM functionality.
    This is the first time for these Apple iPhone variants to get dual SIM functionality. In this dual SIM, one SIM is eSIM (Embedded  SIM) and another is the same as usual. eSIM is the Future SIM card technology. Apple made an discussion with Airtel and Jio about this eSIM for its dual SIM variants iPhone. According to an information, both the telecom company will launch its eSIM soon in the Indian market to give the connectivity to its newer Embedded SIM iPhones.
    For your information, Google Pixel 2 was the first Smartphone which supports Embedded SIM (eSIM) functionality. Acording to Apple, its dual SIM iPhone variants will also support this eSIM technology.

    About eSIM

    eSIM is the Future SIM Card Technology which will embedded in the phone and no need to change it ever. This technology is promoted by GSM, GSM is a organization to represent global telecom operators.
    eSIM comes like a integrated SIM in the device and it is irreversible once you associate this with any device. Officially this known as Embedded Integrated Circuit Card, and the length of this SIM is only 6mm. The eSIM generally implant during manufacturing of the device, this eSIM will work like removable SIM card.
    This new eSIM technology give better user experience during SIM activation and phone managements. Samsung gear s2 was the first gadget, which has eSIM technology but this technology came in spotlight due to Apple watch 3.
    The biggest advantage of this technology is the Size of the eSIM. This is much smaller than a nano sim card. Due to the small size it can be used in ultra compact gadgets like smart watch. Whenever you want to change your telecom operator of this eSIM, you can change it without changing the SIM card, this is the another benefit of this technology. Switching to local network during roaming will be easy.
    In India Apple selling their Smart watch with Airtel eSIM technology, you can use the same number on two different gadgets at the same time with this technology. The eSIM technology will more popular due to Apple’s new iPhone. In few days Airtel and Jio will expand its eSIM services in future for Apple iPhone & another devices.

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