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    Tech News #5- PUBG Championship India, Samsung 5G Phone, Jio Free 16GB, Nokia X7, Mi 8 Youth

    Tech News #5 – Tech News

    Largest Offshore Wind Park

    England got its world’s largest Offshore Wind Park with huge Electrical Power generator. This Offshore Wind Park have capacity to power more than 6 lakhs home at a time. This wind park generate 659 Mega Watt with its 87 wind turbines. This is a unique concept to produce electricity and also Eco friendly with Nature.

    MNP in India

    India is the biggest telecom market and Now days every telecom company like Airtel, Vodafone, Jio, Idea etc trying to survive in this market by offering many affordable and attractive plans. Because of attractive offers and services many customer switch their operator, called MNP. Now days MNP takes more than 7 days to complete its process, so TRAI is searching new ways to make this process easy and smooth.

    Facial Scanning in Bengaluru Airport

    This is a good news for us that Bengaluru Airport going to use Facial Scanning to improve its security system. It may used as a boarding pass in Airport. Face ID is the most secure way to identify anyone, anywhere in a second. This is the reason to use the Facial Scanning in Bengaluru Airport and it may start in 2019.

    Google Launch Event

    In a recent leak, an Google launch event photo comes out. This photo confirms the date of the event this will be on Oct 9, 2018 in New york. This leaks also confirm the upcoming phone of Google Pixel i.e Google Pixel 3S.

    Nokia 9 Images Leak

    In this image leak, some overviews of Upcoming Nokia 9 comes out. As per this pic Nokia 9 may powered with six camera sensors on its back with LED flash light. This phone have notch display with Nokia branding on front.

    PUBG Mobile Championship India

    If you are expert to play PUBG mobile game and want to make money from this game then this update is for you. PUBG coming up with Mobile Championship 2018 in India, you can register for this championship on PUBG website and also takes all the details. Registration will ends on 21st SEP, 2018.

    NAVIC for Fishermen

    The next update is about NAVIC GPS System for Fishermen. Fishermen will get upcoming weather disaster by  NAVIC GPS System, which helps them to be safe in Ocean. It will decrease the dependency of GPS and increase the chances of accurate weather updates.

    JIO 16GB Free Data

    Jio is one of the leading telecom operator in India among Airtel, Vodafone, Idea etc. Reliance Jio recently completed its two year in India. On the completion of two years Jio in offering FREE 16GB Data to its consumers. Check your My Jio app for more details.

    Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

    Samsung Galaxy S10 will bring with another version for 5G uses, this comes out in an report. It means the standard version of galaxy S10 will not support 5G but another version of this will support the 5G network, for 5G version you have to pay extra money. The production of this Galaxy 5G version will be limited. Let see who will launch the first 5G supporting Phone.

    Xiaomi Mi8 Youth Leak

    In this Xiaomi Mi8 Youth will be powered with Snapdragon 710 processer, display aspects ratio will be 19:9 with notch. Basically it is renamed of Mi8 SE, lets see when this will launch in the Indian market. all details comes out in a leak.

    Nokia X7 to be launched in upcoming Nokia Event.

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