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    Best easy ways to speed up Windows 10 PC

    If your PC with Windows 10 is taking a long time on Startup or loosing its performance, then here are few tricks to improve your Windows 10 performance.

    1. Disable Startup programs

    If your PC slow down on start up then it may be because of some programs which starting on boot up. To fix this, Open Task Manager from Start button. Now click on Startup Menu and Disable the programs which doesn't need on boot up. You can also arrange all the program by Startup Impact, so from there you can easily choose the program to disable.

    2. Disk Cleanup

    This is one of the most easiest way to speed up your Windows 10 PC. By performing Disk Clean up performance will improved and also free up space. To perform this step, Click on start button and search for Disk Clean Up and start this program. Now you have to click on Clean Up System files button. After Disk Clean up, you will get improved performance of your windows 10 PC.

    3. Delete Temporary Files

    You can use this step as an substitute for Disk Clean up. Temporary files may slow down your PC performance, to resolve this you just need to delete temporary files completely. Here is the step by step direction to perform this step.
    Open RUN Command window by clicking Home + R button together. Then type Temp and click OK you may promoted for Access Permissions.

    Allow it to access your file by clicking Continue button, then select and delete all the file in this folder.

    Now again open RUN window and click OK after entering %Temp%. Select and delete all the files in this folder as well. Now restart your PC with improved performance.

    4. Run Maintenance Tasks

    If all above Steps failed to resolve your problem then try the Windows 10 build-in troubleshooter for performance. To run the troubleshooter, open Control Panel from start menu. Look Up for Security and Maintenance option then click on Troubleshoot common computer problems. Next, click on Run maintenance tasks under System and Security.

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